People Tags

IMG_2649A great way to help your loved one with identification. Tag silencer (silicone guard) will be included to help quiet the tag and keep the tag from rubbing the skin. You will receive:

Aluminum Tag with the information you request
Necklace chain (black or silver depending on stock)
Nylon necklace with safety release (color dependent on stock available)
Tag silencer

Can be imprinted with full name, address and telephone number(s). QR code can also be added.


About QR Codes: machine readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing information for reading by the camera on a smart phone.

An example of what information a QR code can contain: “Hello, my name is (insert name). I have (dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc). Please be patient with me as I seem to have lost my way. Please call (caregiver’s name) at (caregiver’s phone number) or (secondary phone number). If there is no answer, please call 911 so they may help me. Thank you.”

If you are requesting a QR code, please email me the information you would like contained in the QR Code.

Single Sided People Tags

Price(USD): $6.00
One Side Tag:


Double Sided People Tags

Price(USD): $7.00
Double Sided People Tag:

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